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Dear castlecreekfarm, the honey comb got here, this is some of the finest comb honey I've gotten. I will as finances get, will order more. Great product. thanks

R. Nichols

Dear castlecreekfarm, Thank you so much for your generosity. I am beside myself with the size and beauty of these pillows. I'm a life long knitter and love wool so these are perfect. I don't think I can tell you how much I appreciate the hand made quality, love and effort you put into your pillows. So,I'll leave it at that. Sincerely, Mary (thanks for the coupons).


I went to a garden club banquet with my mom and sister this Monday. I bought the Cranberry Jalapeno jam. Tonight I poured it on top of my boneless chicken breasts and baked it. It was so delicious, and even better, so simple! I am glad I bought two jars, also that you put the post card in the bag so I know where to buy in the future. Thinking of doing some Christmas shopping!


New & returning customer

My husband & I and our 3 children visited castle creek farm and what a picture perfect day it was! The Weaver family store was not open, however the Weaver family made us most welcome. We found many unusual gifts for the Holidays. Our children enjoyed the miniature horses, cats etc. When our children have a real good day they say can we have a do over day- God willing we will be doing a do over day at the Weaver's castle creek farm in the near future. The Raudenbush family

Barbara Raudenbush

Mother -Part tme Farmer&RN

Greetings! Hope you all are well. I'm almost out of the 3 pound container of honey I bought from you at Farmers' Fair. That honey is the best! I have told all my friends about it, and took some up to my parents for them to try. Mom agrees, it's very good. Will need to get more...soon! Oh, and the soup mixes...and pretzel mix...and...the sugar free vanilla cream oatmeal mix, if you still have it?? That, too, is one of my favorites! Thanks!



Love all the products that Castle Creek Farm sells. They have great variety at great prices. Not to mention two of the nicest owners.



I enjoyed visiting your farm at your last open house.(so serene and beautiful) My children really enjoyed seeing your tiny horses. I'll be checking to see when your next open house is. Herbally Yours, Arianna


Herb Fanatic

Thanks for the great products and friendly service. We love your mixes and it makes them extra special knowing they are made with all natural products. We will be re-ordering soon!! Helena K.

Helena K.

"Maryland Customer"

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