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It's really raining now! Do we need a Boat or an Ark!?                 April 28, 2012

I have often heard "Be careful what you ask God for because He just might give it to you" We have been asking God for guidance in our lives and for our business and now it seems God is speaking to us. We are going into this whole new adventure of the alpaca world with our eyes wide open in amazement learning along the way. We know nothing about alpacas. Brad knows a lot about animals but not alpacas. Horses- Yes! dogs, cats, small birds of all kinds, peacocks, a turkey, fish, tortise, goats, even a cow, Yes! Yes! Yes! many from the past 30 somthing years of working with animals and many other unusual animals from his growing up years, but alpacas, NO! We were literally walking out the door to go to the MAPACA show in Harrisburg (at the Farm Show complex) when we get the call. There are 5 alpacas that have been rescued and do we want them? They are in bad health and need help. The original owner is getting them back but she has sold off your farm and no place for them now. We head out to the show and spend the day seeing so many wonderful alpacas, afterwards we go out to the farm, that is keeping the rescued alpacas till they get a new home, to check them out. On the way over there we talk about how much we can handle and decide the most we can take would be 3 of them. After getting to the farm and seeing them we find out the origional owner of two of them wants them back, so there are 3 left and all Huacaya (the type we are wanting to start with). Did I mention we know nothing about Alpacas. Monday morning we bring home 3 mal-nurioushed alpacas in much need of attention and a little scared, the alpacas are scared too! China (Female-White) Reese (Male-Brown) AV Tahnia (Female-True Black). I have heard someone preach a message on the Bible that when God says something we need to listen, when He repeats is 2-3 times in the Bible we really need to listen to Him. He is speaking louder! Okay we now have 3 alpacas at once, and did I mention we know nothing about alpacas. I think I did!?

When it rains it pours!                                             April 24, 2012

This is the way we felt last April after our bridge washed out twice and had to be replaced, after so much rain, then with so many other things going on and nothing seeming to go our way, it was discouraging, but maybe it was God's way and Him, teaching us patience and us needing to listen to Him. We needed to look around and find a friend for Sabestian (alpacas need to be with two or more). We soon found Kimberlee and Cassia both females and will be expecting a cria (baby) next spring. Lord willing! We don't have pictures of them yet and should be arriving at the farm somtime in May. We look forward to the new additions both this year and for next year, and we are also excited about getting the fiber processed and seeing what we can do with it.  

Spring thyme on the Farm                                       April 6, 2012



We have been busy around the farm this spring, and have been inspired to make some changes and additions. With the early seaon we have been busy clearing out an overgrown woodland with the vision to make a Lavender Field (My Vision) or a few plots of Lavender (Brad's Vision) so that was a major untaking itself. Then after visiting a nearby farm with alpacas we saw how cute they really are and thought they would be a welcomed addition to the farm. Since we had a rough winter with loosing our two female mini horses we thought we needed some new faces around the farm this spring. So thinking we should start small we aquired Sabestian on "Good Friday" , we thought this had to be truely a "Good' inspiration. He is little with being only still a baby, his 1st birthday is in July. He such a cute little Alpaca.  

Snow Scapes                                                              Jan. 2012

We had a fairly mild winter this year but enjoyed the snow when we did get some new white splendor.

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