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The Essence of Herbs

Bulk Herbs and Spices~~~~ here you can get a quick view of herbs we offer in bulk.

Our Herbs and Spices are some of the freshest and most flavorful selections you will find.  We offer a wide variety of items for you to choose from. Don't start any cooking or baking project without first trying some of our Herbs and Spices.   They are sure to add great flavor to all of your recipes.      

We offer our Herbs and Spices in bulk so you can stock up on the herbs you use the most and save.  Are you looking for a specific herb and can't find it here,  just let us know and we will try and find it for you.  We can also get most herbs in "organic" if you so desire, just let us know!

Bayberry Root (C/S)

Latin Name: Myrica cerifera
Common Names: Bayberry Root Bark

4 ounces $12.60

The shrub from which we obtain Bayberry Root Bark, which grows along the Atlantic coast of North America from the Maritime Provinces of Canada to the Florida Keys as well as swampland throughout the Southeast, is known by numerous aliases. In addition to its scientific name, Myrica cerifera, it also goes by wax myrtle, candleberry, and arbre à suif, or "tallow tree." The name fits, as the berries provide a form of wax that is actually used in candlemaking.

Of greater interest to those who buy organic bulk herbs however is the bark itself. Gathered in November and early December, Bayberry Root Bark is removed from the trunk and branches by heating the roots, which is then used to make bulk dried herbs for sale.

Dried Myrica cerifera bark is one of the earliest natural herbs that American physicians studied and wrote about. These dried herbs had been used by the Chotaw Indians of present-day Alabama and Mississippi boiled sliced Bayberry Root Bark for use in combating fevers. Colonists in French Louisiana reportedly used these dried herbs as early as 1722 for dysentery; by 1737, it was also being used by them for convulsions as well as seizures. It was one of the quality bulk herbs that nearly every medical doctor in the 18th and 19th century South kept in their apothecary.

Organic herbs such as those derived from Myrica cerifera may be taken as an infusion, or Bayberry Root Bark Powder can be made into a paste for applying topically.

Myrrh Gum Powder

Latin Name: Commiphora molmol
Common Names: Myrrh Gum

4 ounces $8.00

Natural herbs are ever abundant in today's medicinal world. This is evident through the increasing interest in Myrrh Gum, or Commiphora molmol.

Warning: For external use only. Not to be used during pregnancy.

Slippery Elm Bark Powder

Latin Name: Ulmus rubra
Common Names: Slippery Elm herb, Red Elm, Moose Elm, Gray Elm, Soft Elm, Indian Elm 

4 ounces $9.50

Slippery Elm Bark is derived from the Slippery Elm tree, a deciduous tree that grows on the eastern coast of the United States. 

Slippery elm herb comes from a tree with the Latin name Ulmus rubra. Rubra in Latin means red, and in this case it refers to the red heartwood of the tree. This is why it goes by the common name of Red Elm, along with other common names such as Moose Elm, Gray Elm, Soft Elm and Indian Elm.

Slippery Elm Bark, or Ulmus rubra, is an herb derived from the inner part of the elm bark and is usually used as a finely ground powder. It is considered to be a safe and gentle herb and is allergen free. The inner bark, normally ground into a powder has been used for a variety of medicinal purposes. The powdered form is commonly made into a tea with sweetener and milk. It is not advised for pregnant women to consume this bark.

**Warning: Slippery Elm should be taken with at least 250 ml (8 oz) of liquid.

Yellowdock (C/S)

Latin Name: Rumex crispus
Common Names: Yellowdock Root

 4 ounces $3.50

Yellowdock Root, which is known by the Latin botanical name of Rumex crispus, is also commonly called Curled Dock, Curly Dock, Sour Dock, Narrow Dock and Garden Patience in different parts of the country. Rumex crispus contains vitamin A, iron and potassium.

Warning: People who have had kidney stones should not consume this dried herb.